About Us

At Riyaz Gangji Libas Fashion is an art and you are the canvas.

Riyaz Gangji Libas Fashion is an established label in Tinsel Town. Be it Western Contemporary or Ethnic Indian, we feel that each of our clients needs a signature touch when it comes to making a fashion statement. Our specially designed couture is inspired by the passion of creation. We have artisans and experts who create sheer magic from richly woven fabric. Our shoes and accessories brand complement our designs. Well-designed couture coupled with appropriate accessories is necessary for a complete look.

They are stylish. Our Mumbai production facility has a capacity of 35000 to 40000 pieces. Apart from our own retail stores, Shoppers Shop and select online websites are our retail partners.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent


Board of Directors:*

  • Nishant Mitrasen Mahimtura – Chairman

  • Reshma Riyaz Gangji – Managing Director

  • Riyaz Eqbal Gangji – Executive Director

  • Reema Deepak Varde - Non-Executive & Independent Director

  • Anand Devidas Taggarsi – Non-Executive & Independent Director

  • Vivek Padmanabh Kamath - Non-Executive & Independent Director