Inspiring fashions that look beautiful no matter the season and no matter the body shape.

Want to start a business with a World-class brand in the Designer industry? Connect with Riyaz Gangji Libas Designs Public Ltd

Get yourself engaged in the business of manufacturing and showcasing garments with Riyaz Gangji Libas and Reshma Gangji - the exclusive licensees of Libas Designs Public Ltd

The Company was set up in 1995 with the key objective of changing the way people dress for weddings

Why Riyaz Gangji Libas Fashion Designs?

· Strong distribution network since last 20+ years

· The company has a spread of 11 exclusive stores in premium locations across the country & abroad

· We are now Expanded to High Profile Jewellery & Accessories

Franchisor Support:

The company stands behind each franchise store with advice and support for better professional and economic development of the store.


Start's from Rs.10 lacs onwards.

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MISSION & VISION OF Riyaz Gangji Libas

Open 100 stores across india & abroad.

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